When I considered writing blog posts many years ago I never imagined I’d be writing this post….

September is Childhood Cancer Awareness Month – The Gold Ribbon symbolizes all childhood cancer. Why does this matter?

Aside from the obvious… all childhood cancers combined receive only 4% of the overall federal funding for cancer research. ONLY 4%. (In fact several cancer foundations don’t really fund childhood cancer research, even though they use bald-headed children in their marketing campaigns…)

This means many children die from cancer – we have personally lost several friends to childhood cancer and know many more because of our daughter’s Leukemia diagnosis in May 2015 on my husbands 49th birthday. One of our friends that Isabella went through treatment with & finished at the same time, relapsed and passed away because the doctors ran out of treatment options. NO MORE TREATMENT OPTIONS.  Just imagine how you’d feel if you heard those words and for many families it’s reality. Unfortunately, we don’t hear those stories, but it happens more often than you might think. I believe that no family, no child should ever have to hear those words NO MORE TREATMENT OPTIONS. This is why I care. This is why I spread the word. This is why I advocate for more research.

There are only 5 drugs that are available to treat children’s cancers, the rest of the drug that they give to kids are for adult cancers. Childhood cancers for the most part have no known cause and are not genetic. AND did you know that childhood cancer treatment is known and often causes adult on-set cancer.

More research for cures & treatments is desperately needed. It’s not a matter of changing lifestyle for these children because that is not what causes their cancers. For example, our daughter’s leukemia was cause by a random genetic mutation. Her treatment was a combination of Arsenic (essentially she was poisoned a little bit every.single.day. – although, all chemotherapy is pretty much poison so that’s not a surprise) and a highly potent (aka “toxic” ) form of vitamin A.

The purpose of the Be Gold campaign is to bring awareness. Awareness brings funding. Funding brings treatments & cures.

A few sites that are specifically fund or Childhood Cancer research are:

St. Baldrick’s Foundation and Alex’s Lemonade Stand

Isabella is doing well. She is a Senior in high school and intends to pursue a nursing degree next year in college so she can help future pediatric oncology children (even though we wish that there would not be a need for this in the future). To learn a more about her and the BE GOLD 4 Kids campaign please visit the following sites:

From Teen Cancer Survivor to Fundraising Powerhouse



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