{Baking 4 Six} Kitchen in the Making

{Baking 4 Six} Kitchen in the Making

My husband came up with the idea to install larger glass doors & windows to “visually” open up a very long & narrow family room that borders our backyard. This meant removing & reconfiguring the cabinets along the outer wall which led to our decision to completely reconfigure the kitchen working within the existing walls.

Soooooooo…………. since we had to get new cabinets my husband wanted a longer island to help make the kitchen a little bigger/roomier. One thing led to another and the somehow we ended up redesigning the entire kitchen. My imagination ran a little wild and if the vision in my head turns out anything like I hope, my kitchen will become my own personal Baking 4 Six bakery/café.

Little did we realize the scope of the entire project. Step one was pretty much demolishing the entire downstairs back wall. The picture at the top shows the “new” wall framing. The 3 larger openings are for the new windows. So you have some sort of reference point, our family room is on the right and the kitchen is on the left – outside is a bunch of “stuff” cluttering up our backyard patio. I’ll write a post about our windows with before/after pictures once this project is complete.)

The second picture shows a “before” framing picture. Take note of the temporary “support frame” they had to build to prevent the upstairs from crashing down. There’s all kinds of electrical wires, cable, gas & waste lines exposed. Super exciting, except the part where it was over 100 degrees and (for obvious reasons) we could not use our air conditioner. update: the window company ordered one window taller than the other so, this back wall was open for 6 weeks longer than originally planned. The support wall is about the size of the window door that needs to be installed.



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