Thank you for Your Patience

Thank you for Your Patience

Out with the old and in with the new…

In a perfect world, or alternate universe, I would pay someone to set-up/fix my blog for me — however I don’t make any money from the blog so that doesn’t make financial sense. Besides, as I am working on it, I’m hoping to discover some sort of direction, and maybe one day I’ll hire a designer. (I’m always willing to trade treats for blog help.)

I contemplated keeping the blog hidden, but that would mean no one would see anything that I am posting & by the time the blog is updated, I’m not sure anyone would have the time or want to go back and read the posts. So, I made the decision to keep it real, and work on spiffying up the blog as I go along. I just really wanted to be able to use the word spiffying.

Anyway, many of the recipes on the blog are family favorites and although there a some issues with the photos and broken links, the recipes have been tested and approved by my entire family so I feel comfortable leaving the blog public.

Update: After “fixing” most of the blog I found out the hard way that it wouldn’t import. which means that I was not able to move the blog. I’m basically setting up an entirely new blog. Unfortunately, the recipes will be on the “old” blog until I can move them over manually, one by one. 

"Blog Under Construction" -87 Days 6 Hours 27 Minutes 17 Seconds ..... until Grand Re-Opening