Under Construction {Phase 1}

Under Construction {Phase 1}

I discovered “blogs” around 2008 which led me to begin thinking about writing my blog. Thanks to my husband, the idea and name for Baking 4 six came about toward the end of 2009. Meanwhile, I wrote some blog posts, but my first Baking 4 Six post was in November 2010. December 2011 I purchased a DSLR camera and took a photography class Spring of 2012. I had published about 150 posts, but then Summer 2012 “life” caused me to take a break from blogging.

The break was supposed to be temporary, instead I learned the hard way the difference between a site hosting/web servers and registering a “domain name”.  I lost my rights to the domain name “Baking4Six.com” and it was going to cost several hundred dollars to get it back. Naively I assumed that I could wait a few months and then re-register the domain name. WRONG!!  — Thankfully, 6 years later, Baking4Six.com was finally available again and I was able to register it under my name even though, I wasn’t quite ready to start blogging again. So, here’s to new beginnings… oh, and I’m getting a brand new Baking 4 Six kitchen/home bakery/cafe – Life is SWEET!!

Even though, I still have my fancy “blog” camera, I didn’t think about taking before/after photos – however, I live with 3 teens who post most of their/our lives on Snapchat, hence the kitchen photo above.  Speaking of 3 teens, when we moved into this house our oldest was 2 and I was pregnant with our 2nd. Our house became our home and we were blessed with two more children. Our oldest is now 20 and living away from “our” home and in four short years it’s likely the remaining three will find their own homes as well. We had originally thought we’d move too, but now it looks like we are staying so we’ve embarked on a little updating.

The kitchen is long and narrow and even though the picture on the top is of the right side and the picture below is the left side, that’s pretty much the entire kitchen. Sneak Peak at our new windows… we already love them so much. The pipe sticking out below is our kitchen sink, which we’ve been without for just about 3 weeks. I never knew how much we used our kitchen sink.

In hindsight, based on everything that’s happened the past few years, I wouldn’t have been able to blog anyway. I also have a new perspective and appreciation. I’m really looking forward to getting back to blogging, sharing our kitchen remodel and hopefully putting the pieces of the original Baking4Six blog back together (Most of the old blogs posts are there, but many of the photos are gone, the links don’t work AND I have to re-learn the technical side of setting up a blog).


Window – servery window by La Cantina


"Blog Under Construction" -87 Days 6 Hours 29 Minutes 47 Seconds ..... until Grand Re-Opening