Sweetener: Stevia Extract

Sweetener: Stevia Extract


Original post: 2012

Stevia – have your heard of it? It’s one of many natural sweeteners that is now readily available to the average consumer – that’s us, you and me. I will be the first to admit that I love the taste of sugar about as much as somebody can without being addicted to it. I know that I’m not addicted because I can and have given it up temporarily, but, even though it’s not good for me, I still eat it. However, I also realize that it’s a treat and I prefer to keep it that way, in my treats not in my food. As in not in the food that I am consuming in attempts to nourish my body. I also prefer not to eat artificial sweeteners; I much prefer to eat refined sugar, because at least somewhere along the line, it originated from a sugar cane plant. As in something that grows as opposed to the C&H Pure Cane Sugar Plant and I live near one. Also, did you know that C & H stands for California and Hawaii? (Update: The last Hawaiin sugar mill closed January 2017.)

I’m not a sugar expert or a sweetener or expert, all I’m saying is that I prefer to sweeten my healthy foods naturally so that I can eat refined sugar in my treats. Being the sweet lover that I am, I like most of my food sweetened, so began my search for a healthier, more natural sweetener. Plus, I lucked out and found this Stevia at Trader Joe’s. It’s 100% Organic, it’s made from Stevia Leaves and Organic Stevia Extract is the only ingredient. Some  “stevia” sweeteners contain other ingredients. The other great thing about Stevia is that a little goes a long way… like a really long, long way.  The 1 oz bottle contains 622 servings. It also contains a tiny little spoon inside which I measured to be about 1/64th of a teaspoon. After I purchased the powdered version, Trader Joe’s started carrying this liquid version, too.

I like to use the Stevia when making smoothies. I also plan to use it in homemade yogurt, unfortunately I haven’t quite perfected my yogurt making technique yet. I don’t care for the stevia much in coffee, but that’s okay because I sweeten it with Vanilla Bean Creamer. Hopefully, I’ll come up with some more uses for it, but if not, that’s okay because I make smoothies almost every day!!

You can read a little more about Stevia at SteviaBenefits.org


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